We help you recognize and implement industry best practices so that you can accelerate the growth of assets under management and profitability.


The pressure to generate top decile investment performance, increase assets and generate profitable revenues is intense. This is compounded by an escalating number of distractions that can negatively impact achieving these goals.


We are here to help you meet and exceed your strategic goals and objectives. To meet those challenges, we also provide tactical execution support.


While we offer various solutions, we recommend starting with an Enterprise Risk Assessment. However, if a “hot spot” is known with a high degree of certainty, we can provide one of the following solutions:

Business Development

We offer various business bevelopment bolutions that are designed to help maximize sales opportunities to increase assets under management:


  • Identify appropriate market segments and prospects
  • Establish methodologies for implementing an opportunity maximizing sales system
  • Develop effective communication tactics for various market segments and stages of the sales process
  • Develop prospect education models
  • Identify closing opportunities and closing strategies
  • Prepare effective request for proposal writing skills
  • Develop finals presentations skills

Corporate Finance

We offer selected corporate finance services that can help you address your capital, treasury, investor relations and management needs by improving financial controls, planning and implementation processes:


  • Review, develop and orchestrate the implementation of accounting procedures, financial controls and business planning activities
  • Review and develop capital markets strategies, including advising on the optimal methods for raising equity and debt capital
  • Review, develop and orchestrate the implementation of treasury strategies
  • Design communications and reporting strategies to enhance investor perception and improve legacy franchise value
  • Develop financial acumen training for selected employees and stakeholders
  • Develop performance tracking tools

Enterprise Risk Assessment

The NexTier Pathfinder Process: Pursuit of Excellence™ guides you through an enterprise risk assessment. The process measures your firm’s adherence to industry best practices to minimize business risk:


  • Phase One, Assessment: The first step is divided into five components:
    • an introduction to our proprietary, web-based survey tool
    • the administration of the survey
    • the interview of each survey participant regarding job responsibilities,
    • the development of a skills matrix based on the interviews
    • the measurement, analysis and reporting of the survey results.
  • Phase Two, Strategy and Translation: The next step is the development of an action plan, or blueprint, to improve your business fundamentals. The blueprint will provide:
    • a list of prioritized success solutions, identifying a plan to meet industry best practices, where appropriate
    • an outline of implementation impediments
    • resource requirements for each success solution
  • Phase Three, Implementation: If appropriate, we can assist you with the implementation of all or selected success solutions outlined in the blueprint

Human Resources

We offer critical planning, implementation and support services to help  meet ever-changing human resource challenges:


  • Prepare compensation plans structured to align the interest of all constituents
  • Create performance measurement process including the preparation of related documentation to align the interest of all constituents
  • Coach and mentor you by assisting with the development, implementation and achievement of optimal strategic and tactical objectives
  • Provide executive recruiting services

Marketing and Communications

We offer proven marketing and communications services to help you build assets under management, revenues and profits:


  • Create actionable market research regarding current perceptions of your brand, key drivers affecting your success and your current levels of client satisfaction
  • Develop client segmentation strategies designed to help you allocate client service resources more effectively
  • Execute marketing planning to provide you with a blueprint for successfully enhancing your presence among both institutional investors and consultants
  • Develop brand strategy to articulate your edge, mission, vision, values and your desired personality
  • Create internal and external communications to ensure that your brand strategy is consistently conveyed using relevant, engaging vehicles
  • Develop proactive media relations to help you generate more visibility among the key reporters and editors and create higher levels of positive awareness of your brand


In the event that you do not currently have an in-house marketing person or staff, we can provide an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to deliver all of the marketing solutions necessary for success in the institutional marketplace.


We offer a variety of support services to assist you in the C-suite including providing senior executives on a temporary basis:


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Business Development Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer

Strategic Planning

We offer a full range of business, product and corporate strategy development as well as strategic planning services to address the complexities of your firm in the areas of revenue growth, cost efficiency and operational competencies. We can help you improve the overall effectiveness of your business strategy and implement processes to maximize your enterprise value:


  • Assess and develop business, financial and corporate objectives
  • Review, develop and orchestrate the implementation of enterprise strategies
  • Develop and implement strategic planning infrastructure
  • Complete competitive business reviews
  • Perform market overviews for specific products and/or business lines
  • Review, develop and execute sales and marketing strategies
  • Develop best practices in corporate governance and compliance
  • Develop performance tracking tools

Succession Planning

We offer selected services to assist with your succession planning efforts including merger, acquisition recapitalization and divestiture advice. We can help you maximize the enterprise value and assist with management and ownership transitions in the following ways:


  • Advise on the structuring and financing of various ownership structures, including but not limited to management buyouts and recapitalization transactions which accommodate various degrees of ownership transfers among existing and/or new parties
  • Review, develop and implement merger, acquisition, divestiture, joint venture and/or recapitalization strategies to facilitate change of control transitions
  • Debrief management and other stakeholders, on an as-needed basis, with respect to the progress of implementation of various ownership structures
  • Facilitate and participate with management and other stakeholders, on an as-needed basis, in any prospective meetings with investors and other third-parties associated with the construction of various ownership structures

Technology Planning

We offer assessment, review, planning, implementation and support services to help you meet your technology challenges, from moderate to complex. We can tailor our recommended solutions to meet the ever changing technology environment. We can provide your firm with balanced and pragmatic technology support that aligns with your overall business strategy:


  • Develop and implement cybersecurity solutions focusing on data protection and privacy
  • Review and document enterprise architecture
  • Assess network effectiveness
  • Measure technology performance
  • Manage technology projects, including mobile deployments, data integration and cloud migration

Our professionals have extensive experience developing and implementing successful, actionable solutions.


We have the right capabilities under one roof creating opportunities for efficient, cost-effective solutions, helping you achieve both strategic and tactical goals and objectives.