Assure a Brand-Enhancing Buyer Experience

If you’re a leading PPE supplier, you’ve made significant investment to assure product quality. But how can you assure a quality experience for buyers once that product leaves your facility? PPE Advisers can help.

We deliver a customer experience to buyers that will enhance your brand. More, we can provide buyer financing options to enable greater sales.


Professional & Transparent

The tremendous demand for PPE under the global pandemic has led to a “gold rush” of entrants of dubious quality into the space – and a prevalence of promises that can’t be met or outright fraud. We, however, are on a mission to get PPE products into the hands of the front-line workers who need them most, more reliably, more affordably and with full transparency. Learn more about us >

World Leading Logistics

Given the huge volumes involved in PPE purchases, guaranteeing delivery can be a challenge. We’ve partnered with leading global logistics providers to assure reliable and secure delivery via factory pick up, slow boat, fast boat, or air – at exceptionally competitive prices.

Unique Buyer Financing

Huge orders require huge outlays of cash by buyers. We can help assure that buyers can actually pay for the orders they place. We offer numerous financing options through our partnership with Grace Capital Group, LLC (part of Grace Banc), plus access to an exclusive financing program offered by Toyota Financial (Toyota Tsusho Corporation). Learn more about our financing options >

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