The PPE Financing Challenge

PPE purchases are often made at exceptionally high volumes – in the millions or even billions. But financing these enormous purchases is difficult. Commercial lenders reportedly fund only 3%-4% of requests. And already over-allocated in PPE risk, traditional PO financing companies are shying away from financing more purchases.

We Provide the Solution

PPE Advisers was founded by commercial lenders to address the inefficiencies and challenges in the PPE supply chain. We’ve applied that lending expertise to provide buyers with innovative financing solutions to enable them to acquire the PPE products they need.

Our PPE Financing Services

  • Multiple financing options through our partnership with Grace Capital Group, LLC (part of Grace Banc). Access to an exclusive financing program offered by Toyota Financial (Toyota Tsusho Corporation).
  • PPE Advisers fully qualifies companies and preps full initial due diligence document package.
  • We provide financing partners with a risk-free way to make money by financing PPE without putting their own money at risk.


Our financing solutions allow finance companies to facilitate secure PPE transactions for government entities, hospitals, first responders, distributors and other credit worthy companies, with less out-of-pocket risk to you. The types of finance companies we serve include:


  • PO/Factoring Companies
  • Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Large Non-Bank Credit Institutions